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8 Qualities Great Employees have

Ace February 29, 2012 0

Here we’ve put together a list of what makes an average employee great.

Great employees are great leaders, reliable, dependable, selfless, proactive, diligent, great followers and full of positive energy. They possess a wide range of solid qualities that will not only strengthen the core of a company but also help make it grow. These types of employees need appraisal for their hard work because of the major impact on performance.


Here we have listed eight qualities of these great employees:

1. They don’t mind title.

The job description is not important to them. These employees like to think on their feet, adapt quickly to changes in their surroundings, and do whatever it takes, regardless position, to get things done. These types of employees strive in small companies where they can let their minds run free. Great employees know without being told when there’s an issue and jump in, to help without having to be asked.

2. They’re somewhat strange.

Fortunately, the best employees are often a little different. They can be odd, quirky, goofy, sometimes rude, even happy to be unusual. They seem slightly odd, but in a really good way. These types of unusual personalities shake things up in the work environment. They can make-work more fun and bring people closer together by making them more comfortable to speak their mind.

People who aren’t afraid to be different usually come up with the best ideas because they naturally stretch boundaries and challenge the status quo.

3. They know when to hit the grind. 

When a major challenge shows up or a situation gets a bit stressful, the good employees stop expressing their individuality and fit seamlessly into the team.

However, a great employee knows when to play and when to be serious, when it’s ok to be rude and when to unite as a team, and most importantly they know how to go about the act. It’s a tough balance to strike, but a rare few can walk that fine line with ease and this makes them glide through work ever so elegantly almost flawlessly one would think.

4. They recognize and praise the contributions of others.

Yes, praise from a boss feels amazing but we all know that doesn’t happen everyday let alone every week or month in some situations. So when you’re in the grind the only ones that really know what you’re going through are the ones around you day in day out. Your peers can be a big impact on your work environment and its always fun to get praise from a peer because you know they truly mean it.

5. They privately complain because they know the power they hold.

Companies always want employees to bring issues forward in order to help them. However there is a time and place for issues and some are better handled in private. Great employees come to you before or after a meeting to go over sensitive issues because they know the power the message could hold in a group setting and the ugliness that could erupt.

6. They speak when others won’t. 

Some employees are quiet and hesitant to speak but great employees show no fear. This doesn’t mean they speak gibberish all day long but they do know how to get to the point and get the correct information out of anyone. These great employees also to notice when an issue is important and they do what they can to make it heard so that even those too shy to ask will have an understanding.

7. They also like a good challenge.

Great employees like to prove others wrong. Self-motivation often comes from a desire to challenge others and show doubters they are wrong. It’s like the story about the kid without a college degree or the person that was told they’d never make it succeeding in the end. These types of people often have a burning desire hidden deep with in them to prove others wrong.

Now I’m not saying that Education, intelligence, talent, and skill are not important because they are. Those qualities will never fail you. But a key quality is drive and consistency. These two are critical when it comes to succeeding in life. Great employees have these types of qualities and are often times driven by something deeper and more personal than just the idea of doing a good job.

8. They never stop working.

Great employees are never fully satisfied and are constantly working with something. They are not the types of people to just leave work go home crack a beer and watch TV. They have schedules on top of schedules and things to get done and tend to everyday. Whether it’s a hobby, going out, working on a project, or another job, they always stay busy.

Great employees possess a workhorse mentality and they just can’t help making things better and better.



Share your thoughts and past experiences and tell us what do you think it takes to be a “Great Employee”.

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