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Adele flips the bird at the Brit Awards

Ace February 22, 2012 0

After having an amazing night at the Grammys Adele continued her winning streak by being named Best British Female Solo Artist and taking home Album of the Year for 21 at the 2012 British Music Awards.

Adele, wearing her sleek black Burberry gown, was giving her acceptance speech after being called on stage to accept the award for British Album of the Year when James Cordon, the host, cut her off mid speech. Out of frustration of the situation her middle finger shot up in the air and waved the crowd good night as she walked away.

As sweet and soft as she seems Adele’s a serious sexy rebel that enemies should beware of, especially when she’s trying to thank her fans.

When asked about it she attempted to calm the situation by letting the media know that her gesture was mainly aimed toward the suits (industry leaders) and not her fans. Well played Adele, well played..


Check out the video clip at the bottom for the whole thing.






Photo Credit: Press Association via AP Image





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