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Alexis Wright

Ace October 17, 2012 0
Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright is the 29 year old Zumba fitness instructor who is at the center of a prostitution case out of Kennebunk Maine. As the past weeks flew by the headlines regarding the case have turned to ideas of a celebrity sex scandal. Unfortunately for the small town of Kennebunk these headlines have really put a bitter vibe around the city.

Furthermore Wright and her business partner Mark Strong who owns the fitness studio are both face multiple charges for operating what the state says was a prostitution ring inside the Zumba fitness studio.Wright has pleaded not guilty to a total of 106 counts and Strong has pleaded not guilty to the 59 counts that are against him.

The Zumba prostitution case has been flooded with rumors due to the fact that the two that ran the fitness studio not only ran prostitution but filmed the sex as well. The case has caused a lot of national media attention and unfortunate local stress. What’s even worse is that apparently the list of Wright’s clients are prominent names in the Kennebunk area. Some of which are involved in TV and some that are community leaders like doctors, town officials and high profile attorneys.

Alexis Wright Zumba

Alexis Wright Zumba

Alexis Wright

In more recent news the Police have just released the names of some of the men that are charged in the high profile prostitution case in Portland, Maine. The 21 names of the men are listed below and they are accused of soliciting the services of Ms Wright. Wright is the one who is alleged to have run the prostitution operation near her Kennebunk Maine Zumba studio along with her boss.

Below is Alexis Wright’s Prostitution client list

Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright

These 21 men will be charged with engaging a prostitute.

  1. Gary Bahlkow
  2. Jens Bergen
  3. Norman Crepeau
  4. Joseph Cuetara
  5. Kenneth Fairbanks
  6. Donald Hill
  7. Monie Hobbs
  8. David Kline
  9. Robert Labonte
  10. Dale Madore
  11. Paul Main
  12. Harry McMann
  13. Kevin Pagliccia
  14. Claude Palmer
  15. Philip Parker
  16. Colin Powers
  17. Clinton Ray
  18. James Soule
  19. John Verreault
  20. James White
  21. Peter Wormell
Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright



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