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Angelina Jolie tears at her new premier.

Ace February 16, 2012 0

Actress, Angelina Jolie ended up in tears following the screening of her new movie In The Land of Blood and Honey in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo due to the standing ovation she received from the audience.

The screening of the film, took place earlier today in an auditorium that seats about 5,000. The film is written and directed by Jolie and is about romance between a Serbian soldier and a Bosnian woman during he 1990s war in the region.

Brad Pitt accompanied Jolie to the premiere and they were both greeted by applause and a standing ovation when she took to the stage after the screening.

In her quick speech she said, “To see you receiving it so well means the world to me. I feel so deep for all of you in this country”.

The Oscar winner also took the opportunity to address the ongoing restlessness in Syria while she was on stage. Jolie was implying that she hopes her film is seen as a “wake-up call” to the international community as much more needs to be done in order to help the country’s people.

“I feel very strongly about it (the film) and I believe that its core issue – which is the need for intervention and need for the world to pay attention to atrocities when they are happening – is very, very timely and especially with things that are happening in Syria today…,” she said.

“(It) is very important that this film is out at this time… If this film points the finger at anybody it is the international community, so I hope it remains a wake-up call for them,” added Jolie, who is strong and wide supporter of many humanitarian causes.










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