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Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was released to developers today

Ace February 17, 2012 0

Today Apple released its new operating system Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to developers only. It’s scheduled to be available for the public this summer. The new operating system doesn’t have the large changes under the hood we saw in Lion, aka Apple OS X 10.7. However, according to apple even the average Mac user will appreciate the changes from the minute they start using the new OS, especially if they have an iPad or iPhone.

This is mainly because apples main concern is improving and integrating the connection between the OS X and iOS to bring them closer to one another. This time it’s more about consistency.


The 10 new features of Mountain Lion:

  1. Messages replacing iChat

  2. iCloud integration

  3. Game Center Now Playing on Mac

  4. AirPlay Mirroring Makes Your TV an Apple Television

  5. New Notification Center

  6. Mountain Lion-enabled apps get Share Sheets

  7. The Reminders App from iPhone 4s now reaches the Mac

  8. Notes from iOS now have an app.

  9. New Security System Gatekeeper Keeps Mountain Lion Safe

  10. And Lastly: Chinese localization and Improvements






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