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Apple TV vs. Google TV

Ace March 19, 2012 0

With all the new improvements in technology and the race to be number 1. Both Google and Apple now even have their own tv’s out. This review will give you some insight to the difference between the two.

Now that the two have home entertainment systems and their own TV services. It’s basically coming down to iOS vs. Android in the living room this time as apposed to your pocket.

Both TVs are small black boxed however like always AppleTV is a little prettier.


The hardware for Logitech’s Revue (Google TV) looks pretty nice and the device runs a slightly faster processor and has a 4GB of RAM. It also has both a dual HDMI and a dual USB port. These features definitely come handy when it comes to running applications.

The Apple TV features Apple’s A4 chip, which is the same one, also used in the iPad and iPhone 4, has already impressed most. And typical with Apple the device is small, sleek and very aesthetically appealing like all of their devices. It definitely matches the rest of the home entertainment systems out there.

Down Below is a Chart that Compares the Features and Technical Specifications for the two devices.


AppleTV Google TV on Logitech Revue
 OS: iOS Android
 Video Content: iTunes, Netflix, YouTube Netflix, Amazon VoD, YouTube, NBA Game Time,, VEVO
  Non-video Flickr Pandora, Napster
Web Browser: No Yes
 Flash:  No  Yes
 Recording:  No  Yes
 Apps:  No  Yes
Hardware: Small, sleek, black set-top box Slightly larger, uglier set-top box
Processor: 1GHz Apple A4 Chip 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z515
 RAM: 256MB 4GB
Connectivity: 802.11n Wi-Fi & Ethernet 802.11n Wi-Fi & Ethernet
Ports: HDMI, optical audio, micro-USB Dual HDMI, dual USB, S/PDIF out

It seems that where Google impresses with specs Apple lacks but where Apple impresses with design Google lacks.

As for the operating systems, Google TV holds bragging rights  about providing services like Netflix, Pandora and Amazon Video On Demand. Apple on the other hand just keeps it simple and gives customers the choice of purchasing their content through the iTunes Store.

Google TV runs its Android OS, which can be nice and reliable until developers release their own apps into the open market. As long as Google throws in a way to regulate it there should be no problem because no one wants to stumble across poorly made apps.

AppleTV’s OS is the same one that’s been around for a while. However, now it just offers a simple way to navigate menus, access content and complete control through a ridiculously small and thin remote control. AppleTV also has a Remote app for your iPhone that turns your Phone into a Remote.


Check The Clip Below To See a Hand On Take on the Two.



One of the deal-breakers for many customers will be apps. Google will be releasing an SDK for developers to create their own applications for the service that will give users access to a whole range of new services and games. AppleTV is currently lacking this feature, however, there has been lots of talk of an App Store coming to the device.

Another cool feature that Google TV has that AppleTV lacks is the web browser. Google TV has Chrome built-in and supports flash, which is something we can assume apple will never have.

The end result is that both Google TV and AppleTV have strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. Google TV has strong applications and content sources while AppleTV has an awesome operating system and access to the iTunes Store. It’s going to come down to user preference and personal interest.




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