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AT&T has big hopes for their new smartphone Lumia 900 launch.

Ace March 29, 2012 0

AT&T and Nokia announced their launch of the Lumia 900 next month.

Some people feel that this is the last chance that both Nokia and their Windows Operating System have to make some noise. The two companies have both had their struggles in their past as they compete with the Apple iPhone and Google Android Software.

Jeff Bradley, AT&T device head, said in an interview with CNET that this is a bigger launch then they have ever done, including their launch of the iPhone. Bradley also mentioned that the Lumia 900 would be a strong re-launch of the Nokia brand. The device is set to launch on April 8 2012, which is actually just around the corner.

AT&T and Nokia are getting ready for a huge marketing campaign including massive television campaigns. It is also noted that the two companies have spent time training their reps at their local stores to be fully knowledgeable with the Lumia 900 and each store will feature large posters of the device as well as a giant centerpiece.


Also,Check out their LaunchVideo Below.


As the phone launched the main thing users will be concerned about are what accessories it will offer and how much it will cost.

The great news is that it’s much cheaper than both the Apple iPhone and Google Android Phones. Starting at only $99.99 it will become the most affordable phone AT&T has ever offered. However there is still uncertainty about the accessories and the fact that it runs a Windows Operating System.

Unfortunately Windows has been struggling to have any affect in the market due to its weaker platform. Today we watch as the Apple iPhone and Google Android Smartphones dominate the market.

Some much better news would be the reminder that the Lumia 710 had a pretty successful launch for T-Mobile believed to be mainly because of its low-cost.

AT&T and Nokia also announced that the new design and improved software for the Lumia 900 would include the 4G LTE service and stronger app store. They hope that the marketing they do will drive higher sales.

Since Nokia is trying hard to get back into the U.S. they have signed an exclusive deal with AT&T giving them the Lumia 900 for a certain period of time for free.

It’s basically going to come down to the facts. Does AT&T have the power to take a company that’s upside down and bring them back to life?


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