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AuraVie SkinCare Scam or Not

Victor A September 17, 2012 0
AuraVie SkinCare Scam or Not
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In today’s world its harder and harder to buy products online without being scammed. In the skin care industry in particular. I have noticed a pattern of online advertisements on the biggest websites around Yahoo MSN Huffington Post and More…

The advertisements and marketing lead the customer to a certain pattern a blog that offers you a Risk-Free Trial for a certain beauty product.However be advised not all these so called Risk Free Trials are either Free or Risk Free!

So here at RatePublic we did a little test by ordering 10 Risk-Free Trials
• Kollagen Intensiv
• Nuescience
• Ginale
• Levela
• AuraVie SkinCare
• DermaPure
• Dermaperfect
• Rejuv by Caci
• Allu
• LiftSerumPro

Below is the offer they promote

You can order their skin care products by visiting their websites and paying only shipping and handling which usually comes out between 2$ and 5$. Sounds great right!

You can then sample their products for a period of time normally being the risk-free trial period. Most of the companies advertise supply lasts for 30 days with a trial is only for 10 days be advised. The cool thing is if you do not like the products you can ship them back at no extra cost from the company. However you do want to make sure if your getting a 30 day supply at a 10 day trial you do not want to send back empty products or you will be charged for them.

Now we know this all sounds pretty cool but please you want to make sure you read the terms and conditions on their online websites or purchase page before placing your order. They all require that If you do not call in and cancel you will be sent more products and will be billed from 80$-100$ a month!! 

After calling to each company in order to cancel my trial I came into 1 conclusion: Only one company did their job the right way and without any problems or hassle. That company is AuraVie SkinCare. 

AuraVie SkinCare The only one that cancelled my subscription without any problems

Having to try and cancel all these so called subscriptions was a hard task, Only AuraVie SkinCare made it easy for me. Their costumer service agent was really helpful they did not charge me a cent after my cancellation unlike the other companies. They were also really friendly about it which was nice to deal with. It’s funny how the company with the best costumer service had the best products. I actually quit my subscription in order to purchase the products directly from their website

AuraVie Skin Care is not a scam

AuraVie 3-in-1 System

In conclusion AuraVie is the only online anti-wrinkle cream supplier that is NOT a scam

1 out of 10 online skin care companies did what they were suppose to, and only 1 out of 10 companies did not try to scam me out of more money. AuraVie were the ones who know how to run a company and grow a business. I give them an A Rating because of their Risk-Free Trial. And if you feel that the Risk-Free Trial is too complicated for you just go ahead and purchase one of their products from their webpage with no headache.



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