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Beautiful Small House in Tokyo

Ace February 29, 2012 0

Just like the tightly packed streets of LA, Tokyo is a very overpopulated city. Tokyo has over 13 million people who live in the small city. Its average is about 16,000 people per square mile.

It’s hard to imagine structures being built with so many codes and with no room to really build. All you can think of is tearing something down to rebuild something in its place.

However, a Japanese architect firm, Unemori Architects, run by Hiroyuki Unemori decided to take on a challenge of building a house in a tiny lot located in urban Tokyo. The lot is only about 34 meters squared which is roughly 111 square feet. They called this Small House.

Unemori designed an enjoyable space for a married couple and child with the vision of exceeding the physical narrowness of the city.

The building itself is approximately 13ft by 13ft and 29ft high. Unemori built the Small House in the center of the lot leaving room for light to penetrate. The inside of the building is four floors high and has a very simple interior. The four floors are joined together by a spiral stairway that runs through the building.

Unemori also added large windows to the building to increase the light and dramatically change the view inside the house. Compared to the size of the home itself the windows have a massive feel to them.

The Small House is a wonderful solution to Tokyo’s narrow streets and crowded lifestyle of living.




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Images: Unemori Architects

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