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A Box of Scraps – “Kool King” Premier Tonight

Ace April 26, 2012 0
A Box of Scraps – “Kool King” Premier Tonight

Comedy Sketch Group ‘A Box of Scraps’ aka ‘ABOS’

Check it!

The new “A Box of Scraps” teaser for their new sketch “Kool King” premiering on tonight, April 26th 2012, at the El Cid theater.



Also performing are the LAWV Chillers with 5 other sketch comedy groups!

Another cool thing about this event is that each group will be performing a live sketch and show a never-before-seen video!

If your 21 or older head on down to the El Cid Theatre and Restaurant in Hollywood, CA  if you feel like laughing, hangin’ out and just plain having a good time!

It’s 8 bucks at the door and starts at 7.


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see more of their sketches at


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