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Brett Lawrie Four Game Suspension, Video Included

Ace May 16, 2012 0
Brett Lawrie Four Game Suspension, Video Included


The Toronto Blue Jays Brett Lawrie has received a four-game suspension and will be fined an undisclosed amount for his unsportsmanlike conduct. The honorable Joe Torre has made his ruling and Major League Baseball called Lawrie’s “aggressive actions toward umpire Bill Miller on Tuesday.”

22-year-old Lawrie plans to appeal the suspension and will be in the lineup for Wednesday night’s game against the Yankees.

As you’ve probably seen by now, the 22-year-old Blue Jays third baseman put on a pretty bad fit after the two bad strike calls by umpire Miller. He was so mad that he started yelling and followed by throwing his helmet on the ground in Millers direction. The only bad news is that his helmet bounced off the ground near home plate and into Miller’s hip.

The suspension itself was not bad at all. Most analysts figured for a 10 game suspension smallest and that Lawrie should be punished for throwing the helmet. Some even compared throwing a helmet to physically pushing Miller. However, Torre told

Brett Lawrie

Brett Lawrie

that he didn’t believe that Lawrie intentionally hit Miller with his helmet.

Torre was quoted saying, “The decision could have been better as far as the direction, but I don’t believe he was trying to hit him”.

Even though Millers calls were off, in all reality, a four game suspension is fair for Lawrie to sit out. The punishment is long enough for him to sit down and think about what he did. I’ll also argue that any sentence handed down by Torre pales in comparison to the damage that Lawrie did to his character.

The only thing unfortunate thing is that Lawrie is actually a really good athlete/baseball player. Hopefully sports fans can move past this incident, I mean he is only 22 years old. Lawrie will not have any easy up coming weeks but he will be fine. We will know see what he is made out.



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