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Britney Spears offered $15 million to Join “The X Factor” next season

Ace April 14, 2012 0

Rumors Spread this past wednesday about Britney Spears becoming a Judge on Fox’s hit show “The X Factor”. Apparently Simon Cowell, who runs the program, offered Spears $15 million to do it.

For Spears this would be an amazing breakthrough as she continuously tries to rehabilitate her career. If she takes the deal she will fill in 1 of the two empty seats the show currently has. After the first season Cowell let go of both Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

For “The X Factor” the whole idea is to get more viewers and Simon Cowell feels that Britney Spears will give his show that special touch to do that. Cowell feels this will especially draw in a lot of the younger viewers. He also has 2 competitor shows too compete with known as “The Voice” who has Adam Levin and Christina Aguilera as judges as well as his old show “American Idol” who has Jennifer Lopez.

According to “late last Tuesday Cowell and Spears’ camp were close to a deal and were just working on the fine points of the deal”. The site had also reported that Cowell & Co. were waiting to land Spears before settling on the other judge.

The fact is Simon Cowell is a smart business man. He knows Britney Spears is one of the most talked about people and pop stars today. She has the star power to draw attention and crowds to where ever she goes and she still has hit records and she’s still very sexy.

Simon Cowell launched “X Factor” last month to be his answer to “American Idol” and he projected getting as much as 20 million viewers his first season and pulling the plug on “American idol”. Unfortunately he only averaged 12 million viewers and “Idol” is still on the air.

In the mean time “X Factor” is due to return to the airwaves this fall and the only thing Cowell has mentioned is that both new judges will be females and they will be sitting between himself and judge L.A. Reid.




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