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The Brooklyn Nets

Ace May 1, 2012 0
The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are officially open for business.

On Monday the Nets began settling into their brand new neighborhood. The Nets also unveiled a brand new logo with new colors as well. Their formal attire will be black and while with a very cool and serious logo. The teams new $1 billion home, Barclays Center, is soon going to be completed. This is not only exciting for the team but for the city of Brooklyn as well.

The Nets have been playing in New Jersey since 1977 but they’re leaving all that stuff behind them now. As the team gets accustomed in their new home they also become the only team in the NBA with black and white as their primary colors leaving behind their red, white and blue look.

The team’s logo is a simple shield that has ‘Nets’ spelled out above a basketball with a block letter ‘B’ on it. It is said that the new design was created by minority owner Jay-Z and inspired by the New York City Transit Authority subway signs from 1957.

This should also help out the Nets franchise a lot by bringing them back to the city and creating a stronger rival between the Nets and the Knicks. Hopefully this change will bring them closer to an NBA title. The closest the Nets have ever been was with Jason Kidd in 2002 and 2003. Sadly, they haven’t made playoffs since 2007.


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