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Bryce Harper

Ace April 28, 2012 0
Bryce Harper


The ever so talked about 19-year-old outfielder, Bryce Harper aka “the Phenom” or “Chosen One”, will stroll the plate for the first time in major league Saturday night with the Washington Nationals.

This is headline news for the Washington Nationals as they head to L.A. take on the Los Angeles Dodgers and reigning NL Cy Young Award Winner Clayton Kershaw. With all the hype that Bryce Harper will be bringing to the game tonight, as he walks through the clubhouse door, hopefully this turns out to be the spark the team needs.



For those who are not baseball lovers who know the ins and outs of the game. If you think tonights going to be a challenge for the 19-year-old, well than think again. When Bryce Harper was 13 and 14, only a few years ago, he traveled across the country, on his own, to play baseball in the best tournaments and the best leagues. Other kids have teased him while most parents were jealous. The pressure that comes along with being a good young athlete is one that many kids can not hang on too. It takes a certain type of person to go through that consistant change of vibe, atmosphere, people and continuously perform to the best of your ability. To Harper it was just another tournament.

Tonight will not be Bryce Harpers make or break night. Tonight is the night where he gets challenged and groomed in the big leagues. Challenges are some of the most important things in life we go through. Worst case scenario he gets sent back down to the minors. He will still be doing what he loves.

From an outsider looking in it looks great for both sides. The Nationals needs offense so if Harper is great than no worries. If he is not he’ll handle it and so will the team. Some believe that Haper will feel a lot more at ease in the majors and less pressured than he was in Syracuse. This is because he is seen as The Chosen one yet if he fails in the minors the embarrassment can be devastating. In the major league level if he struggles he can be seen as still young or just another player going through a rough times.  It’s as odd as being that one player with less to prove in the  majors than in the minors.

There will be plenty of headlines tonight but none whill be as big as the debut of the one and only, Bryce Harper.






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