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Business is looking good for L.A. Ports

Ace February 21, 2012 0

In terms of numbers, L.A. and Long Beach ports had their best January since the Recession. This is great economic news for two big reasons. First, the people who live and work in the ports areas because it will lead to steady work and a boost of confidence through these tough times.Secondly, the ports are the number one and number two in the U.S. for container cargo in terms of both imports and exports for the month of January. This also is a great sign that the local economy is improving.

To break it down, the ports are where giant cargo ships dock, load and unload their goods that come from all over the world in large containers. The ports use the large containers and then transfer them to trucks and trains. Trucks and trains then deliver the goods to Southern California and around the country.

The ports saw a lot of layoffs in 2008 due to the slow business that it depressed the area. Everyone in the ports saw the economy sweep through and layoffs take way. The good news is that along with a weak dollar, U.S. products are becoming less expensive for the foreign buyers. A strong month in the ports is also a good sign that consumers have relaxed in the U.S. and Asian economies are stronger.

The Los Angeles and Long Beach ports create a vast number of jobs for many truckers, longshoremen and mechanics. You know, those everyday people who unload cargo, move containers and fix things, duh. You also have the support jobs like fuel, car washes, and maintenance workers. Most of them also need housing, food, cleaning staff and other things for daily life. I’m sure the tenant workers at the Ports are extremely happy.

The ports and the goods they ship and receive are vital to the American economy and the local economy so it’s always positive news when they’re doing well.

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Photo Credit :. Allen J. Schaben of the Los Angeles Times

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