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Call Me Maybe Intervention

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Call Me Maybe Intervention
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Call Me Maybe Intervention

It started off so as just another tune on the tracks. You heard it on your drive to and from work and thought, ok this is catchy.. maybe started to bop your head along with the beat. Then you memorized the chorus and sang along to it in the car, rolling down all your windows. All of a sudden, Call Me Maybe was stuck in your head 24/7 and the lyrics became more than just a story — they were an affirmation.


Your friends and family started to get worried when you began rip ingyour denim jeans to show your skin. Eventually your boss fired you for your refusal to use standard business cards. The only option left was for your friends to hold an intervention.

Written by Eric Slatken, this PSA showcases the dangers of addiction to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. Get some help people.

Eric Slatken is an OG tripple OG!

Call Me Maybe Intervention

Call Me Maybe Intervention

Writer/Producer/Assistant Director – Eric Slatken @ESlatstar
Jared – John Lawrence
Girlfriend – Alison Klemp
Roommate – Nick Westemeyer
Sister – Leighann Kowalsky
Brother – Josh Bilsker
Jared’s Girlfriend’s Brother – Ian Seeram
Boss – Mike Fogel
Waitress – Shanna Riker
Carly Rae – Sarah Mak

Call Me Maybe Intervention

Director/DP/Editor – Tim Sarmiento


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