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Coach Mike Brown Returns to the Los Angeles Lakers

Ace April 14, 2012 0

Mike Brown return to the Los Angeles Lakers Training Facility Saturday, April 14 2012, laughing and engaging in his usual small talk bring a lighter mood in with him.

Brown left the Staples Center minutes before their recent game against the Denver Nuggets to attend an undisclosed family situation. However, he did see the gme and was very pleased with the Lakers 103-97 victory over the Nuggets.

In Browns absence his assistant coach John Kuester coached the Lakers to their victory. This was a great sign of stability the team has that even in a random absence of a coach they can maintain a victory.

When asked about the situation Mike Brown declined to give any reasons but just told reporters it was a personal issue.

The good news is Brown will be back for the Lakers game against the Dallas Mavericks this Sunday Afternoon at Staples Center.’

In other news Kobe Bryant will be sitting out yet another game. According to Brown his star shooting guard is going to miss his fifth consecutive game due to a sore left shin.




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