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Courteney Cox Malibu Home

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Courteney Cox Malibu Home
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Courteney Cox Malibu Home featured in Elle Decor Magazine. Courteney Cox has recently shown her brand new remodeled Home located in Malibu to Elle Decor. Elle Decor is both a magazine and website that brings people inspiring decorating ideas as well as beautiful decor from the best resources in the business. The featured an article about Courtney Cox and her take on redesigning a new home.

Courteney Cox’s new luxury home in Malibu was built in the 1950s and has gone through a complete remodel both inside and out. The new design looks amazing so we had to feature a review. Check out the Pictures Below.


Courteney Cox Malibu Home

The house has itself has plenty of commodities including a tennis court, salt water swimming pool, guest cottages and a movie room. The back patio was done very nicely with a wood finish and a sitting area with a fireplace. The patio also overlooks the ocean offering beautiful views through a sleek glass fence. The other portion of the outdoor areas have trees surrounding giving it a relaxing feel. Furthermore the yard gets plenty of sun so it thrives in vegetation and makes as a beautiful place to tan.

Courteney Cox redesigned the home with a very modern taste giving the previous dark cold home a warm and light feel. All of the rooms have gray tones in the color making the contrast between most of the white color beautiful. The floors and parts of the walls are made of wood and stone. The fireplace in the living room is also made of stone stretching all the way to the ceiling. Moreover the walls and doors made out of glass let in light to add on to the design and light warm feel.


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