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May Day Protests

Ace May 2, 2012 0
May Day Protests


As we open up the month with May Day, which is a northern-hemisphere festival of joy, the Occupy Movement set out to revive their movement.   Occupy Wall Street protesters smashed windows in Seattle, gotand battled against officers in Oakland. The demonstrations are set to protest against economic injustice yet the violence that ensues is not someone anyone can acknowledge..

However, other than those few, many of the events were very peacful being held at parks incorporating meditation and anti-corporate songs and dance routines. So just like anywhere you go theres always bad apples, it’s all about getting rid or avoiding those as best as possible. In this case the media loves to focus on the rough stuff so they mainly portray the violence and out of control attitude of the wild protestors rather than the peaceful community driven good ones.

It’s just sad that police in Oakland, California, had to call for back up from neighboring cities. They eventually used a “small amount” of tear gas on the out of control demonstrators who threw objects at police and defied orders to disperse.

Furthermore, Black-clad protesters took advantage of May Day and used the opportunity they were given to radicalize other demonstrations. About 50 of the black-clad protesters marched through downtown Seattle smashing windows in several stores such as Nike Town outlet and an HSBC bank. They were sporting black bandanas almost represent an anarchism vibe but were than moved out of the area by police. Others in Seattle smashed windows belonging to the Seattle federal building which is just not cool. It’s unfortunate that a “peaceful” demonstration has to turn sour due to some rotten apples. When you yell, screaming or cause any sort of negative ruckus your only putting out negative energy resulting in negative energy coming right back at you. If you really want to get some attention be heard be seen show positive peaceful protests so the world can understand what your motives are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Only than will you get the same positive energy in return. Real recognizes real..

It’s really sad that the city of Oakland seems to be out of control during these protests. The protestors and the local law enforcement are being criticized for their behavior by neighboring West Coast cities. The law enforcement was criticized for using an overwhelming amount of military response in order to disperse protesters.

And like the earlier protests last year arrests were made. In New York police arrested about 30 people, At least 12 were arrested in Portland, Oregon, and 10 in Los Angeles.

One of the most interesting scenes of the day was when about 400 New York protesters, most wearing black clothes and bandanas, ran onto Broadway and were than chased by police on scooters.

There are some civil cities though..Occupy Cleveland canceled its events “out of respect for the city” soon after U.S. authorities announced the arrest of five self-described anarchists in the Cleveland area. Also there was a scare that a plot to blow up a four-lane highway bridge over a national park was in the making.

Occupy Cleveland  movement did announce in a statement that the men arrested were associated with their movement but they were in no way representing or acting on behalf of Occupy Cleveland. The group also stressed the fact that they were a non-violent movement.

According to Atossa Araxia Abrahamian and Emmett Berg of Reuters, “In San Francisco, a protest by unionized ferry workers worsened the morning rush-hour for Bay Area commuters. Anticipating a one-day walkout by workers, transportation officials suspended ferry service between San Francisco and Marin County to the north, forcing some 3,000 commuters to head into town over the Golden Gate Bridge instead and slowing traffic over the famed span.”

I just find it interesting that on one side of the world we have people celebrating and participating in festivities during this May Day. And on the other we have protests that result in violence and arrests going down.



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