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Earth Day 2012

Ace April 21, 2012 0
Earth Day 2012


In 1970 the first ever Earth Day took place when 20 million people nationwide turned out to spark a powereful environmental movement. Earth day lead to things like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Endangered Species Act, and major amendments to the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Today, more than forty years down the road, a lot of things have changed. One of the biggest changes to the environment is our population which continues to increase. Today there are about 7 million people walking on planet Earth. That’s about double what it was in 1970. This brings more attention to environmental awareness and how important it is. Something as simple as making sure everyone has enough water can be a pretty big impact on the environment. Most importantly we need to figure out how to sustain ourselves with out destroying our natural world.

Statistics show that we are currently using 75 percent of the land on this planet thats not covered in ice. That means we’ve changed it from its natural state into something created by people.

Furthermore, its simple, we need to stop and figure out what conservation will be in the new age. We should probably keep untouched lands untouched and figure out how to improve the ones we currently occupy. We need to move towards a more sustainable efficient way of living so that we can still live on this planet. That means looking into improving our farms, fisheries, timberlands, and most importantly, our cities.

In order to improve the quality of your life and those around you we need to act upon it. People depend on the environment wether you care about it or not. We must focus on changing ourselves before we can change the world.

So what are you going to do this Earth Day to improve your life??


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