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Ace September 22, 2011 0

Michael Perretta, AKA Evidence, of the hip hop group Dilated Peoples is about to drop his new album “Cats and Dogs” on the 27th of September (2011). It’ll be his The American Rapper and LA native is not just a hip hop mc but a producer as well. He’s flow is ill and most of his tracks are easy to relate too.

His first album, The Weatherman Lp (2007), produced one of my favorite tracks “Chase the Clouds Away” produced by DJ Babu and The Alchemist. Not only is it a dope track with a sick beat but the videos right here in Venice Beach. The dudes got mad respect for LA and it shows.

His second album, The layover Ep (2008), produced hits like “So Fresh” “Don’t Hate” and “To Be Determined”. The album featured artists like Blu, Krondon, Aloe Blacc and the one and only Alchemist.

And now as 2011 comes to an end he’s about to drop his latest album “Cats and Dogs”. You can listen to most of his tracks and watch their videos on youtube. I’m loving the tracks “Late For The Sky”, which features Slug and Aesop Rock, “You” and “To Be Continued…” who’s video was shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain on X2. The album also features other artists like Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan, Ras Kass, Prodigy, Fashawn and a few other high caliber artists/producers. So go out and show your respect by grabbing his new album off the shelves.

You gotta give the man respect, he’s just getting better and better every time..

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