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Fitness Trends

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Fitness Trends

Fitness Trends

For 2013 make a change to your fitness lifestyle. Instead of paying for a membership to some fancy gym somewhere go ahead and get the same work out you want at the comfort of your own home. The new fitness fad of 2013 will be body weight workouts.

Think of those guys in jail that work out daily and are literally beastly there so ripped. All they use is their own body weight. Your body if used the right way through correct exercises can be the only gym you need. Again that’s only if you’d like. We have no negative opinions on fitness centers so if you like being a member at a gym and that lifestyle works for you, than by all means enjoy yourself. This is simply a suggestion or different perspective per say.

Body-weight training can be basic fitness workout exercises like push ups, planks, pull ups, squats and sit ups. These body wight training exercises are expected to be one of the top fitness trends of 2013. Think about it.. Oh and best of all Body Weight training use minimal equipment if any so no need for storage room.

As for those abs we all want so bad here’s one of our favorite videos below

8 Minute Abs

Now Tell Me That Didnt Burn!

And if you just sat their watching or simply scanned through go ahead and try it out and let us know what you think!

Fitness Trends

Fitness Trends

Fitness Trends

According to a survey taken by

The top 10 fitness trends predicted for 2013 are:

  1. Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals
  2. Strength Training
  3. Body-weight training
  4. Child Obesity Excercise Programs
  5. Weight Loss Exercise
  6. Fitness Programs for Senior Citizens Older Adults
  7. Personal Training
  8. Functional Fitness
  9. Core Training
  10. Group Personal Training


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