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Great Hip Hop Songs

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Great Hip Hop Songs
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Here is a Music Review of some Great Hip Hop Songs.

Well not really review, just a list of some of my our favorite HIP HOP songs. We are not claiming this to be the list of the greatest Hip Hop songs ever we simply grew up on this stuff and really appreciate the lyricism. Enjoy

Apathy – Checkmate

Wu Tang – Triumph

The Notorious B.I.G. – Warning

Kool G Rap – Bonus Track 2 – Half A Klip

R.A. The Rugged Man – The Renaissance

Eminem – Infinite

DJ Muggs VS GZA – All In Together Now (Ft. RZA)

Big Pun, Fat Joe – Twinz (Deep Cover 98)

Big L – Put It On

NAS – World is Yours

Joell Ortiz – 125 Grams Part 1

Vinnie Paz – Same Story

Mobb Deep feat Q tip – Drink away the pain

Canibus – Poet Laureate II


The Alchemist Ft. Twin Gambino- Different Worlds

Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace – Nostalgia

Last Emperor – Meditation

Living Legends – Never Falling Down

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day

  Ok that’s enough for now, the list goes on and on and through out this post i drifted so hard listening to more and more tracks. I opened different doors with every song taking a stroll down memory lane. Definitely enjoyed listening to these hip hop songs as i did this post, along with many many more tracks and artists that i’ll just add to the next one. But enjoy the vibes and if there are any hip hop heads out there that come across this please share some music im always open to new stuff.   Rate, Review and Share Your thoughts on this list of Great Hip Hop Songs in the comment section below.   Follow us on Twitter @RatePublic Like us on Facebook

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