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Gun Safari

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For all of you gun fanatics here is a review of a brand new spot we just found.

Founded in 2011, Gun Safari is an American owned and operated business based out of Los Angeles, CA. They are a very competitive retailer of firearm accessories, optics, knives, tactical gear and other equipment of the same nature. Their mission in business is to provide their customers with the gear they need at the prices they want.

This May 2012, Gun Safari will become one of very few FFL holders in the city of Los Angeles. In addition to the sale of rifles, shotguns and handguns. They also plan to mak themselves available for out-of-state transfers.

In most recent news, they have just added ERGO grips to their collection.


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(818) 538-GUNS (4867)


7800 Airport Business Pkwy

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Hours Of Operation:

9AM-5PM PST Mon-Fri





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