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High arsenic levels found in organic foods and baby formula

Ace February 20, 2012 0

According to a recent study from Dartmouth University high levels of arsenic, a chemical that’s detrimental to humans has been found in organic foods like cereal bars and baby formula. Arsenic is a chemical linked to cancer and other chronic diseases. Organic brown rice syrup has been found as a primary ingredient for the arsenic.

In prepared organic foods organic brown rice syrup is often used as a substitute for high fructose corn syrup. Environmental Protection Agency standards, one of the infant formulas that were tested contained twice the inorganic arsenic allowed in drinking water and one cereal bar was found containing 12 times the legal limit for drinking water. Other high-energy foods tested showed results of 8 to 17 times the limit.

The researchers at Dartmouth University tested 17 infant formulas, 29 cereal bars and three types of energy shot drinks. Two of the infant formulas tested, one dairy based and the other soy based, listed organic brown rice syrup as their primary ingredient. Both formulas contained arsenic levels 20 times higher than the other formulas made without organic brown rice syrup.

The report that was published Thursday Feb 16, 2012 online in Environmental Health Perspectives didn’t list specific brands to the article.

The researchers tested for both inorganic and organic forms of arsenic even though inorganic arsenic was the main source found in the majority of the products.

The researchers from Dartmouth were hoping to better the environment by looking into the issue. They also wanted to make government officials aware in hopes of stricter rules when it comes to food. We have a way of testing our water levels for arsenic but why not our food.







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