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The Hunger Games hit the biggest opening day for a non-sequel with 68.25 million.

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The Hunger Games is a film based on the best-selling young-adult novel by author Suzanne Collins.  The Event is nationally televised and occurs once a year involving 24 teenage boys and girls competing with one another until there is only one sole survivor. Every year in the Capital of the nation of Panem forces twelve districts to compete by providing a teenage boy and girl into the tournament as “Tributes”. The film is based around a dark story line where a sixteen year old girl named Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers herself into the tournament in order to replace her younger sister’s place. The film is based in a post-apocalyptic society that ones once North America. Katniss becomes mentored by an alcoholic former victor of the games named Haymitch Abernathy. She must now rely on her sharp instincts and Abernathys mentorship as she enters the games. If she ever wants to return home she must make some hard choices and do her best to survive.

The Hunger Games only opened March 23 at midnight and brought in about 19.7 million. Today its boasted an amazing $68.25 million and the weekend has only just begun. The film is breaking records becoming the fifth biggest opening day in movie history and the all-time biggest opening day for a non-sequel film. The Film is projected to finish its opening three dats in theatres somewhere along the lines of $140 to $150 million which will surely make Lionsgate Entertainment happy.


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