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Is NFL Season A Stimulus Package?

Ace September 10, 2011 0

Did the NFL players know that when they made a deal to end the lockout they were helping out the economy..

According to Yahoo Finance, “During the regular season, the National Football League itself expects to take in about $9.5 billion. The league estimates that sponsorship revenue alone, which is included in that figure, will be up 15 percent from last year.”

But forget sponsorships, the mean beneficiaries are the NFL cities on Game Day. Thousands of people attend the game to flock hotels and hang out at bars. And if you’re visiting you may have even taken a flight or rented a car.

Also according to Yahoo Finance “Positively Cleveland, which promotes tourism to the city, estimated four years ago that every Browns game brought $7.9 million in business to Cleveland — $63 million a year. No matter how the Browns are doing, says Tamera Brown, the group’s vice president of marketing, they still sell out.”

At Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. — the home of the Jets and the Giants that formerly the New Meadowlands Stadium — 80 employees at the complex are full-time and guaranteed a paycheck. The rest are event employees who had feared that, without football, they’d be out of work.

Mark Lamping, the CEO of Metlife Stadium which is home to the Jets and Giants, says “Tallying up parking attendants, security guards, ushers, ticket takers, janitors, merchandise sellers and concession workers, the stadium employs about 4,000 people on any given NFL Sunday. Without football games in the fall and winter, those people don’t work.”

But don’t forget the Main Event, The Superbowl. It’s estimated that the game last far attracted 111 million viewers, and was the number one telecast. the pre game and post game finished in second and third place.

This just goes to show that as americans if we just stick to doing what we love, hard work hard in our own careers, and spend time with our family and friends. We will not only be the strongest nation but we will boost our own economy to unknowingly.

Positive Power All Day!!!



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