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Jesse Cook

Ace November 29, 2011 0

Born in Paris on November 29 1964 to photographer and filmmaker John Cook and television director and producer Heather Cook, Jesse Cook spent the first few years of his life moving between Paris, Southern France and Barcelona.

It was in Arles, France where Jesse spent many summers, wandering the streets among the Gypsies who inhabit the area, soaking up the atmosphere. Influenced by the Gypsies style of music, when he grew up his main focus of studies were in classical and jazz guitar. Cook attended some of North America’s most prestigious music schools, including the legendary Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Cook has recorded seven studio albums, two live DVDs and has traveled the world exploring musical traditions that he has blended into his style of rumba flamenco.

Paul Gains wrote “But for Jesse Cook its not awards that drive him. Live concerts remain his lifeblood and at the age 43 he is really only just getting started.”



There’s something about his music that just relaxes your mind and makes you forgot about the stresses of the day. Personally, i love too listen to Jesse Cook in the morning with a cup of coffee and late at night when my days coming to an end.






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