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Kettle Hole House by Robert Young Architecture

Ace February 20, 2012 0

Kettle Hole House, which was built in the 1980’s, was re-built as a rehabilitation project by US studio Robert Young Architecture.

The rehabilitation focused creating more space, increasing transparency and blending the building well with its surroundings.

To create more space within the Kettle Hole House, the architect doubled the height in the entry foyer. Also the bordering rooms on the lower and upper floors have been expanded and linked to one another.

To increase transparency within the house the architect has to increase the passing of light through the home. Robert Young made the windows larger to show the surrounding forest.

Lastly, in order to blend the building with its surroundings, Robert unified the cubic and rectilinear volumes of the house with horizontally striated cedar cladding, reciprocating the pine trees within the surrounding grounds.


Architects: Robert Young Architecture
Photographs: Frank Oudeman
Location: East Hampton, NY, USA






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