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Kobe Bryant wears a mask as Lakers’ 104-85 win over Timberwolves

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Accoding to Kobe Bryants’ neurologist he suffered more of a neck injury where some soft-tissue was slightly damaged. Bryant suffered a broken nose, concussion and the tissue damage this past weekend during the NBA All-Star game. There was controvery about whether or not he would play wednesday but he came up big the other night. Kobe finished the game with 31 points and 8 assists in the lakers overall victory  over Timberwolves 104-85, however that wasn’t what all the fuss is about. Brant played his first game with a face shield on in order to protect his nose.

Kobe tried to get used to the mask at halftime by taking shot with it but it wasn’t comfortable at all. Minnesota was his first game back since so it’s no wonder he wasn’t used to it but it is an awesome feeling to know he can still kill it out there for them.

Even though there is no animosity between Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant due to Wade apologizing for the incident. The Los Angeles Lakers are playing host to Miami Heat on Sunday.

The Lakers who are know 21-14 overall had a well played game against the Timberwolves. The third quarter was especially tough for Minnesota who were out scored 33-15, and down to the Lakers 83-59 lead.

Although the Lakers were fortunate to have Kevin Love sitting out of the game due to flue symptoms. Love himself averages 24.5 points and 13.8 rebounds off the board so you can just see how strong of an impact a player like that missing can have on a team.

In the end the Lakers won and Kobe got to look cool with his new mask on.


How do you the mask will affect koby?



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Photo Credit: Allen J. Schaben of The Los Angeles Times

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