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L.A. County Frisbee Fine

Ace February 15, 2012 0

Early last week the were false reports spreading around L.A. County that claimed a $1,000 fine for playing football and Frisbee on beaches was approved. The message spread around the world and made a lot of people upset.

According to Ari Bloomekatz of the Los Angeles Times, “It all began last week when the supervisors approved what they thought was a routine updating of various county beach codes, including a four-decade-old ban on playing football and Frisbee on public sand”.

On Tuesday, L.A. County officials learned what happens when you try to fix a problem that doesn’t really exist.

The county lawyers were simply trying to update and modernize a ban on ball play during the fall, winter and spring months when fewer crowds are at the beach.

When the word spread and the media reports went viral they had the wrong information all together. They rumored $1,000 fine against anyone who throws a Frisbee or football was crazy.

I feel the county needs to get ride of some other bans like allowing us to drink on the beach. Even having campfires wouldn’t hurt. If the laws are well written to ensure it’s a safe for both the environment and people I don’t see why not.



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