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Modern Architecture by A-cero

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Modern Architecture by A-cero
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A-cero is an architecture and town planning studio based out of Madrid, Spain. The A-cero Company was created in 1996 with the idea to design wonderful projects. Modern Architecture by A-cero is a wonderful project that really shows their true value and style.

Personally, i love their single family home designs. The A-cero team creates wonderful designs for green areas, lakes and houses in general. This project is a beautiful example of modern architecture so check out the video, review, and some images of the project as you scroll down..

 Modern Architecture by A-cero


The Modern Architecture A-cero presents with single family dwelling is just spectacular . This review is of a building located in a residential area of Las Rozas. The building covers a large lot with a slight slope.

The rough structure consists of walls and reinforced concrete pillars on which rest the slabs and beams that make up the different gates of the house, formed the fabric of architecture major. There is travertine imposed on the outside. In total the property consists of three levels: basement, ground floor and first level.

A-cero Modern Architecture has made pedestrian access flow easily as it occurs through the ground floor where the more social rooms are located. You have the living room, lounge and dining room. In the other wing is a toilet, a courtyard, the kitchen-office, a pantry and a clean room. In the background there is a front porch that connects with the dining room.

Furthermore, a staircase and an elevator connect this level with the basement and first floor. The first floor consists of two bedrooms for the children that connect to their living areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms. It also has a guest bedroom with bathroom, master bedroom with two closets and a bathroom. Also, a study that communicates with a gateway-library which is also accessed from the master bedroom and two small terraces.

 Modern Architecture by A-cero

Modern Architecture by A-cero

Modern Architecture by A-cero

In the basement is the utility room, storage room, garden tools and the indoor pool, gym, sauna, massage room, cinema room and cellar. Other than the attic, the garage and the area of rooms with polished concrete floors, the rest of the plant has screeds of Ipe wood decking. A- cer0 also called this project The Minimalist House.

The property has two pools and two Jacuzzi Outdoor same dimensions and interior. The entire house has marble floors in all the other areas of the home. Only in certain areas, such as the garage, the indoor pool and kitchen, the marble is replaced by ipe wood, porcelain or polished concrete. Biege colored marble joins all the white walls and ceilings providing great clarity and luminosity to the family house.

In the end, the color combination created by A-cero gives the home owner or anyone who steps inside a cozy feeling of spaciousness and comfort. In this residence with dimensions not exceptionally large there is still a very mellow feel. The design, functionality and quality are the three concepts that have marked the road map in this Modern Architecture by A-cero.

For more info in A-cero visit their webpage.  

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