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Nokia Unveils Lumia 610 Windows OS Phone

Ace March 3, 2012 0
Nokia Unveils Lumia 610 Windows OS Phone
This past week Nokia Unveils Lumia 610 Windows OS Phone. Nokia unveiled a cheaper smartphone with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. The market seemed to be disappointed with the price point but Nokia announced that its new Lumia 610 model smartphone would only be $250, before tax, when it is launched next quarter.
The design and color availabilities of the Nokia Lumia 610 are really what’s impressive about the phone. The device has rounded edges and actually looks appealing for a new device. It appears that it will be available in at least blue, white, pink and several other colors. The unfortunate part is Nokia announced the Lumia 610 is slower than the Lumia 710 there for will not be able to get access to all the apps on the Windows Phone Market due to its low power.

Nokia Unveils Lumia 610 Windows OS Phone

However, it still comes pre-loaded with all of Nokia’s free software including Drive, Maps and more.  The device will also feature Nokia transport for its maps application and feature suburban train and bus directions for more than 500 cities across the globe. The app has a pretty cool feature that let’s you know when the next bus arrives and you can pin routes to the start screen to be reminded when the next bus or train is coming.

The issue for Nokia is that it’s over all price for a new smartphone is still expensive compared to some of the Google Android Vendors who sell smart phone for around $100 give or take. Also if one was to purchase an Apple iPhone with contract or renewal its only about $200 and with both Apple and Google there are no limits when it comes to the app store.

So even though Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, announced he is trying to compete with the Android market during a conference in Spain. The phone will have to stand strong with the U.S. market where it has struggled in the past years against the Google and Apple.

According to a NPD report, Android and Apple iOS operating system topped the U.S. smartphone market share at 48% and 43%, respectively.


Check out the Nokia Lumia 610 Hands-on video below.


Nokia Unveils Lumia 610 Windows OS Phone


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