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Obesity is making it hard for people to walk and even stand up

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Obesity is making it hard for people to walk and even stand up

A study about watching your weight done by researchers ar USC presented scary results about people suffering from obesity.

The study shows that obese adults lose so much of their muscle that they tend to have trouble walking and standing up the older they get. The researchers at USC came to this conclusion because people who are generally overweight begin to develop a resistance to insulin which than leads the muscles blocking the ability to absorb glucose effectively. As we all know glucose is an essential ingredient in muscle growth.

When you think of glucose think of it as fuel for your muscles. Glucose is a simple sugar that powers the cells and allows them to build more muscle much faster. Eating glucose-rich foods helps your blood carry essential ingredients to the cells giving you energy while helping your muscles grow. If you don’t have enough you tend to feel light headed, hungry, dizzy, drowsy or weak. On the other hand, if you have too much, your body stores it as fat.

The study done by USC researchers used about 2,300 people 60 years of age and older who were not diagnosed with diabetes. Unfortunately, the study proved that when glucose blocking occurs these adults would experience issued when they tried to engage in basic every day actions. Something as simple as walking or standing up became very difficult.

In November 2010, researchers from Harvard University  painted bleak picture for the obesity rate in America. They came to the conclusion that more than 1 in 3 Americans are already obese and the obesity rate will rise to 42 percent over the next four decades. Being obese or overweight increases a person’s chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some forms of cancer. It can also become very expensive for the healthcare system.

According to the researchers at USC, their study emphasizes the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. It also gives the youth today and those on the verge of hitting retirement an idea about becoming more health conscious if they aren’t already. Losing weight is a simple choice that one has to make. Eating healthier real foods, keeping track  of your daily consumption and  making an effort to exercise will keep you healthy and your muscles feel fine. Something that sounds so simple yet it is so difficult for so many of us.



Are you health conscious?

Share your opinion and tell us what you do to stay healthy in the comment section below.

Personally, i enjoy going to the farmers market every sunday and stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables so i can make some delicious juice for the week ahead. Now that’s real energy, and its super healthy for you.






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