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As Written on their website :

Whether you’re searching for an NYC event space, a New York event space, New York City event space, event space new York or event space New York City, there’s only one New York event space you want to work with: Openhouse Gallery.

Since 2007, Openhouse has been hosting and producing pop ups – those fleeting influential NYC events that come and go like reality show celebrities. Openhouse stays, though, right there on 201 Mulberry between Spring and Kenmare in the heart of Soho’s Nolita neighborhood. We’re the first New York City event space to consistently roll out pop up events, and we’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse client list. From Clinique to Converse, Mercedes to Microsoft, Piaget to Pepsi, Ford Models to Salvatore Ferragamo, brands trust Openhouse to connect with a desirable audience. Google, Microsoft, Saatchi + Saatchi, Urban Daddy – whatever the brand, we’re connecting them with their target audience.

Event spaces in New York are a dime a dozen, so Openhouse takes New York event spaces to the next level. Not only did we find this creative way to increase Google rankings for NYC event space, New York event space, New York City event space, event space New York and event space New York City, but we think well beyond the physical space. We create Manhattan event and pop-up concepts like Big Cheesy, Park Here, 201 Mulberry and Play Beautiful. We offer you professional photographers to capture the night and get the long tail going on the Net. We leverage our 15,000 fans through social media and newsletters. We get press from the finest journalists in town.

Plus, we have a fantastic event space New York (or is it an event space New York City?) at 201 Mulberry Street. Openhouse’s NYC event space has 4,850 square feet of pristine, divisible all-white space with five skylights that flood the rooms with natural light. We’re located on street level – booyah! – and the heavy foot traffic that passes by each day can’t help but look through our 20-foot glass façade into your beautifully curated space. Openhouse is a tall drink of water, too, with 16-foot-ceilngs that allow for creative New York City event installations. No Manhattan art gallery installation is too tall! Our track lighting means no more fumbling with trusses, gobos and sandbags. Our curb-cut sidewalk means you can drive a car (like Mercedes did) or a fleet of king-sized beds (like Ikea) right through Openhouse’s front door.

We invite you through the front door of our fantastic New York event space to come visit our New York City event space, event space New York, event space New York City. We promise you’ll be pleased.

Oh, and we are also the biggest, most accessible art gallery in New York. That’s New York art gallery, the best.


You can follow them on twitter @openhousenyc

or visit their website for more info.

Address: 201 Mulberry Street | New York, NY 10012


Phone: 212.334.0288

Fax: 646.349.2227


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