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PAS Skate House

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PAS Skate House
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PAS Skate House is a the only home where no one will ever be frowned upon for riding their board in the house.

If anything, riding will be encouraged as long as you walk the property. The design and function of the home gives skaters the ability to ride in vert and street style.

The PAS Skate house was designed by Francois Perrin of Air Architecture and Gil Lebon Delapointe. The Skate House was designed for his client, skating champion, Etnies founder and eco menswear designer, Pierre Andre Senizergues. The function and design were made so that every surface of the home is skateable or grindable.

When the Malibu home is completed, the idea is that you will be able to skate in a continuous line from the inside to the outside. In order to prepare for the home, Perrin built a full-scale prototype of the living room to test out these theories. Once trying out the  sustainability is also at the core of both the model and the last home.

Check out the PAS Skate House Video

PAS Skate House

The PAS House located in Malibu, California was designed by skateboarder and designer Gil Lebon Delapointe and LA based architect Francois Perrin. The theory behind the project was to create a livable home but to make it a continuous ribbon of skateable surfaces. Basically, turning a skate park into a home.

Senizergues plan is for him to be able to open up the home and skate from the outside to the inside and through the three sections of the home. The first area includes the living room, dining area and kitchen. The second one includes a bedroom and bathroom and the third one has a skate practice area. The floor of the home ramps up to the walls, which curve onto the ceilings with a 10 ft radius. Furthermore, even the furniture will be skateable, whether it be built-in benches and tables or freestanding objects.

Check out the Photos and Floor Plan Below

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