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A Porsche driver in China was busted for using toothpaste to alter his license plate

Ace March 18, 2012 0

According to China Car Times an unidentified driver of a Porsche Boxter used a tube of toothpaste to change his license plate. This is probably the nuttiest thing iv’e ever heard of. According to Chinese authorities in Beijing, the Chinese are notorious for using different methods to try and hide or change their license plates from police.

Some people use things like CD’s or banners that go along the bumper and most just remove them completely. When the police officer in Qingdao pulled the man driving the Porsche Boxter over he noticed the paste so he used a kleenex to wipe it off. The officer realized that the plate that originally read N.NJ277 was actually N.NJ211. The man used the toothpaste to turn the one’s on his plate to seven’s.

Once the officer ran the real license plate they came to notice that the driver only had 12 points left on his driver’s license. The Judge in Qindao fine the man 2200RMB which is about $349 U.S. and subtracted 6 more points leaving the man only 6 left. This empty balance will leave the man with a suspended license.


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