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The New Rebel T4i camera revealed by Canon

Ace June 8, 2012 0
The New Rebel T4i camera revealed by Canon


On Friday Canon unveiled the Rebel T4i to dramatically update to its best-selling line of digital SLRs with dramatically improved focusing for both stills and video.

Previous Canon Rebels have also offered high-quality video but the autofocus could not be adjusted while recording. This wasn’t good because it presented a challenge for consumers.

Canon Rebel T4i

Canon Rebel T4i

The Rebel T4i is $849 for the body only and $949 with lens. It can continue to focus while recording as well. Prior to the new update, if you set the focus point, you couldn’t adjust it if your subject moved while recording unless you were in manual focus.

Canon also says there is a new and improved image sensor that emphasizes video that focuses just by looking at its subject. Canon says this is due to its face detection and scene detection.

Furthermore, the advantage of shooting a video with a DSLR is the cinematic look of the images. The images are shot on a sensor chip some 20 times larger than the ones that are found in traditional video cameras.

Some problem with recent cameras by Nikon and Sony that have improved video autofocus is that on the audio you can hear the lens motor while the camera is autofocusing. The main drawbacks with the canons are usually not being able to zoom in and out smoothly and sound.

Canon handled business this time with the introduction of new Stepping Motor (STM) lenses that focus silently. Canon has two new STM lenses, an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 wide to telephoto zoom and a 40mm f/2.8 portrait lens.

Moreover, the new Rebel also has a killer touch-screen LCD for both composing images and shooting stills and video.



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