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Samsung Apple lawsuit continues

Ace November 26, 2012 0
Samsung Apple lawsuit continues

Samsung Apple lawsuit continues

Apple and Samsung are the two biggest smartphone manufacturers on the planet and the two companies have been involved in ongoing lawsuits with one another for a while now.

As the legal war between Samsung and Apple continues there has been a new ruling that will make things even more heated. With the two technology companies continually battling one another the latest results from their legal war has Apple very upset. Apple Inc threw a tantrum after it was recently ordered to reveal secrets that could help Samsung keep its products on the shelves.

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Last Thursday a U.S. Judge made a crucial ruling that looks to be in Samsung’s favor. The U.S. Judge Paul Grewal ordered Apple to share with Samsung their information regarding their patent deal with HTC. For Samsung to have details of the Apple-HTC deal this be a big help for Samsung as it has been ordered to remove Samsung’s biggest products from shelve stores nation and worldwide. This could open up new defense results for Samsung to help keep Apple at bay and with out the ability to remove Samsung products from the market.

Samsung Apple lawsuit Continues

Samsung Apple lawsuit Continues

Samsung Apple lawsuit continues

Furthermore, Apple decided to add new Samsung devices to the list of Samsung products it wants to see removed from store shelves due to what Apple feels is patent infringement. The newest additions to the list were added in response to the Courts recent ruling.

The new Samsung devices include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S III running the latest Android Jelly Bean Operating System
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Samsung Rugby Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S III Min

Moreover, the legal battles between the two companies began in spring 2011 when Apple took their Korean rivals Samsung to court over what Apple claimed were patent infringements. Samsung was than ordered to pay Apple $1 Billion dollars as they lost the lawsuit in August of 2012. The two have been engaging in continues feuds with streaming commercials bashing one another and other underhanded moves. Samsung went ahead and released a funny commercial bashing Apple and also raised the price for the mobile processors it sells to Apple as part of their supply contract that will apparently run until 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Commercial Slams Apple

Samsung Apple lawsuit Continues


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