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Shivhon Rugs

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Shivhon Rugs
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Shivhon Rugs

Established in 2005 SHIVHON Rugs specializes in the design and production of hand made custom made rugs. The driving principle behind SHIVHON is to offer each of their customers options and control over their own rug. With choices to be made for the size colors weave and design ensuring that every client receives a truly bespoke and personal service.

They believe that the importance of a rug is determined by the given space it is placed and often greatly underestimated today. A quality rug can be the foundation on which all the elements and personality within a room are bound together. In some cases the rug should almost be the last thing you notice on entering a room silently providing a basis for the harmony of a scheme. There are also many areas where a rug can be used as a stand alone feature and this can generally be achieved through a bold use of pattern and color.

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Shivhon Rugs

As each of their rugs is individually hand made to order we are able to offer our portfolio of designs shown on our website in a huge range of colors in both wool and silk or a blend of the two. We also offer a fully bespoke service and accept client’s commissions for completely unique designs.

Shivhons Process: All of our rugs are hand woven, and require no machinery to be assembled. The fibers are combed and spun by hand and are made from all natural products that come from animal and plant fibers. These fibers are generally Tibetan wool and silk. These natural fibers are beneficial for the environment in that they are biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, non-allergenic, and naturally stain-resistant and air purifying.


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  1. gina Willman March 25, 2015 at 6:57 am - Reply

    Wanted to let you know about the very negative experience we have had with a vendor you feature on your website . ‘Shirley Shivhon’ or ‘’.

    We have ordered area rugs from her, she takes our deposit, shows us a photo of the completed rug. She then asks for the full payment before shipping and then NEVER produces the rug. She doesn’t answer her phone, responds to emails in a very vague and intermittent manner. Claims to be dissolving her business yet she twitters regularly about her rugs featured on Dering Hall website.

    I know of two other Hawaii designers with similar negative experience. My firm is out $15800but the other two designers between $5,000 – $ 8,000 each. I was able to file a claim through Paypal to have my final payment of $ 1580 returned but have not been able to get my deposit back which was paid with a check. Leaves a very bad taste !

    We will most likely be filing a police report as what she is doing is committing fraud. She is basically a thief.

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