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Simple steps to avoid memory loss and keep your brain sharp

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Simple steps to avoid memory loss and keep your brain sharp


Your brain is the most important part of you because there is a connection between your brain and your overall life. If you never put those two together, well than think again. The only way to be more successful with your life is to get your brain operating at its peak performance.Keeping your brain in good shape not only affects your mental and emotional well-being, it has a very powerful affect on your physical condition as well.  Your brain is basically responsible for your overall health because your body reacts to what your brain tells it to do.Take these simple steps down below in order to keep your brain active and most important sharp!


Work out

Regular aerobic exercise encourages the growth of new brain cells no matter what. there. If you get in 30 minutes a day and five days a week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise like walking fast or biking you will surely see the results.Be social Being social will keep your brain active and create a lower chance of memory loss. Going out on the town to restaurants, night clubs, movies, sports games or concerts, and visiting with friends are things we should be doing every day. Also, when you meet other people they can admire you for things you never thought were valuable. Meeting people from all different walks of life can also make you appreciate what you have and be less stressed out over the small stuff. Talking, and especially talking to those that make you feel good, is a significant part in your health because it makes you feel less alone in the world.Play games that challenge your mind

Some challenging mind games that can help are playing chess or card games, playing an instrument like the piano, participating in debates or attending plays can greatly help.

Eat right

A regular consumption of real fish, fruit and vegetables can not only make you feel good but protect your mental agility. Things like baking or broiling fish, steaming vegetables, reheating foods without the microave and eating organic farm raised fruits, vegetables and poultry with no added chemicals will improve your mental development greatly.

Control your blood pressure

High blood pressure can result in chronic diseases that damage the arteries and lead to things like strokes, heart attacks and other injuries to your body and brain. Treating high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and to lose weight, if needed is most necessary to live and think healthy.

Get a good nights rest

Sleep is important because you charge yourself giving you more energy day in day out. A good way to rest easy is to keep your sleeping area cool and dark. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol and smoking will always help. Also tiring yourself out with a good work out is awesome before bed because you wake up feeling great and energetic. The more sleep you get the clearer and more efficiently your brain works and helps store memory.

Reduce your stress

“Life is Beautiful”! Thinking positive can reduce the chances of being stressed out. Once you understand that results are only what you create them to be you will understand this concept. You choose to take things a certain way with your emotions so if you teach yourself to control it a less stressful lifestyle is what you will get. Stress is bad because not only are you in a bad mood, everyone around you feels your vibrations and its like a domino affect of negative energy. Worst of all  stress is known to release hormones that can weaken memory and even damage brain cells. Some stress relievers can be aerobic exercise, listening to mellow music, meditating, praying, or something as simple as writing.

Stop smoking all together

Studies show that smoking is known to increase the chance of memory loss and bring in a whole bunch of other problems we all know this its all around us and talked about where ever we go. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear about quitting smoking.. think about it.

Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking is also heavily associated with memory loss, cognitive decline and ever risk of dementi. Limit yourself to a drink every other day or only on the weekends and see the difference you make. Don’t forget that alcohol is poison so the more you give your brain the worse it works. Think of your body as an apple tree. In order for the tree to grow large and produce fruits you have to nurture it by keeping the soil rich and damp with water. If you were to feed alcohol into its soil it would not survive.

Only after you begin to examine how important a role your brain plays in, well basically, every aspect of your life, you will surely decide to take these basic steps in order to have a healthy and effective condition.  A few minutes of exercise or yoga for two months can have an amazing impact on you and will most definitely improve cognition. This is especially important for people with memory disorders.

 So try these simple steps out and you will know what we mean once you begin seeing the results.




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