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Stereomood is a free emotional internet radio that suggests the music that best suits ones mood and ones daily activities. It’s much more than an online radio, it’s a tool to create playlists for every occasion, and can be utilized to share ones emotions through music.

The thing that got me to like stereomood is that stereomood is that it’s free and lets you create your own playlist rather than making one for you. Stereomood also supports and respects the artists, writers, editors and producers who create original content available on the web.



In order to stream musical works embodied in sound recordings over the internet, stereomood pays license fees to S.I.A.E. (license n. 2744/I/2700, position n. 2700), who represents the rights of songwriters and music publishers, collects and distribuites royalties to the copyright owners they represents.



Furthermore, stereomood site users are encouraged to enjoy legitimate downloadable media and support artists by purchasing music after sampling it online. we provide full acknowledgement of the source and author for all audio that provides it – and we recommend that blog publishers include appropriate metadata when making audio available on the web. we also provide links to purchase music from, iTunes Music Store, where possible.





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