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The Greatest Rapper You Don’t Know.

Ace September 8, 2011 0

With his most recent album dropping on May 31, 2011, entitled “Riches, Royalty and Respect”, Nathaniel Thomas Wilson, better known as “Kool G Rap” is Probably the best unknown lyricist in Hip Hop History.

For someone who started in the 1980’s he is referenced as to being the spark that started most hardcore/mafioso/street rap. He has also been recognized as a major influence to some of hip-hop’s most critically acclaimed artists such as RZA, Nas, Big Pun and Eminem.

His Solo Career Consisted of the Albums “4,5,6,”, “Roots of Evil”, “The Giancana Story” “Half a Clip” and his most recent one “Riches, Royalty and Respect”. Every Album is a masterpiece.

Peter Shapiro, a music journalist, suggested that Kool G Rap had “created the blueprint for Nas, Biggie and everyone who followed in their path”.

MTV describes Kool G Rap as a “hip-hop godfather”, adding that he paved the way for a lot of MCs who we would not have heard of otherwise.

Rolling Stone says, “G Rap excelled at the street narrative, a style that would come to define later Queens MCs like Nas (who was hugely influenced by G Rap on his early records such as illmatic) and Mobb Deep”

For me, It was R.A. The Rugged Man (Another underrated lyricist) who introduced me to G Rap in his song “lessons”, when he said, “I Don’t Want fans Who Don’t know Who G Rap is!”  So if you really wanna hear some well written rhymes followed by strong beats you’ll check out every album the man has ever put out. Unfortunately, only then you’ll be a true hip hop head.

Just another one of those G Rap Adventures..




Shapiro, Peter, 2005, The Rough Guide To Hip-Hop, 2nd Edition, Penguin, p. 214

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