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Tibetan woman burns herself to death in a China protest

Ace March 4, 2012 0

A widowed mother of four has become the latest Tibetan to conflict Self-immolation to protest government policies in Tibetan areas of China.

Tibetan rights groups have been acting in a series of self-immolations to show the unease in the Tibetan areas of China. To add to the matter, Early Sunday a Tibetan woman had set herself on fire in Southwest China to protest against the Chinese Rule.

According to the campaign group “Free Tibet”, the woman who set herself on fire was 32 years old, mother of four, and she dies shortly after. Her name was Rinchen and the incident happened Sunday morning near a monastery in Sichuan province.

Accoding to officials and the rights groups, Rinchen is the 23rd Tibetan to self-immolate in the past year. So far 16 are believed to have died from their injuries and most of these people were Buddhist monks.

Self-immolations are a challenge to China’s regional policies and to make it more serious the government has set into action that those act in this fashion will be seen as terrorists. Furthermore, China is set to have its parliamentary session tomorrow so the incident could be used to bring eyes to the area in a cry for help for these Tibetans.

Just like in the middle east the unrest is over religion. China has been in control of the mountainous region of the west since 1950. China feels they are not destroying the Tibetan culture rather helping them improve. However, most activists feel the China is destroying the Tibetan culture and ignoring their religious freedom.


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Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters

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