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Top 10 Android Apps

Ace March 30, 2012 0

The Android mobile Operating System, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, has been getting lots of hype since its bang in 2011. The mobile app development for Android has also been turning heads recently. Ever since its release big names in the app world have been hoping on board and debuting apps on the Android App Market. Today the Android Market is home to over 400,000 apps.
Unfortunately, The Android app store is still way behind iTunes App Store in both quantity and quality but in due time they’ll catch up.

Here at RatePublic we figured we would compile a list of what we feel our top 10 Android Apps are.


1. Google Currents is Perhaps the best news reader and RSS aggregator for Android so far.  Google Currents is a brand new and innovative way of exploring your favorite news and RSS feed subscriptions on your Android & iOS smartphones and tablets in a magazine-like interface.



2. AirDrop lets you Remotely access, and control all the core features/apps of your Android device from any web browser which basically translates too any Wi-Fi connection


3. TeamViewer is a Full remote desktop access and control. TeamViewer’s mobile client basically allows you to connect with any computer over an active internet connection, provides close to real-time streaming of your computer’s display and full and easy remote access and/or control of your computer.

4. Espier Launcher Remarkably and accurately clones the iOS Springboard. Espier Launcher is probably the most accurate clone of the iOS Springboard yet. The launcher replicates everything from the look of the icons and folders to the App Switcher tray, Shake Mode and Spotlight search.











5.  Lapse It is the best time-lapse video creator for Android thus far.  Lapse It is an Android app that captures consecutive snapshots at regular, user-specified time intervals, compiles them as a video file and hence, provides users with a chance to enjoy time-lapse videos on their devices on the go.
















6. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is a Comprehensive all-in-one cloud data browser for Android tablets. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is a free cross-platform cloud data aggregator for Android and iOS-powered tablets that helps users connect to their various online cloud storage and social network services and presents all data from these services through a conventional file explorer-like interface



7. Emit allows you to Stream & download audio and videos from desktop and iTunes library over Wi-Fi in real-time by using a media encoder and streamer that allows you to play media directly from your computer onto your Android device over WiFi.




















8. Elixer 2 is a Comprehensive system info tool and app/task manager that has a vast suite of homescreen widgets. With customizable/skinnable homescreen widgets, shortcuts, and add-ons. Elixir 2 lets you explore every corner of your Android device.

















9. LBC PRivacy Guard is device that monitors access requests made by apps and alerts you of them.

















10. MiLocker is a lock-screen replacement app for all Android devices and has a large online store with downloadable lock-screen themes.

















And we thought of throwing in a special bonus App. So i guess it should really be Android Top 11 Apps..



18. Iris aka “Siri-backwards.. is a voice-controlled assistant that indulges in casual chat, helps you with calling, texting, online searching and launching apps. Basically Google’s version of Siri.
















Hope you liked the blog.


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