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If you’re looking for some amazing german sausage Wurstkuche is the spot. There was a line a bit of a line at the door but it went by  pretty quickly. The front room where you place your order is a bit small, so don’t feel uncomfortable if someone is standing a little too close to you. The staff is very welcoming and are quick to suggest their favorite items on the menu if your uncertain about what to order. They take your drink orders while you’re standing in line which is very cool of them.

Once you’ve ordered, the seating area is at the end of long hallway and they have long tables with benches and several smaller tables along the far wall. Seating outside is also great if you want a cool view of the Art District, or have your dog with you. They also have a bar by the tables so getting another beer is a breeze.

My sister took me here my first time this saturday and i got the Bratwurst with Spicy Peppers and Sauerkraut and it was incredibly delicious! The food came out after about 10 minutes and it was nice and hot! The dog came with a small order of fries, some Chipotle Aioli and buttermilk ranch dipping sausage. They also have a great selection of brews and have a selection of 40.

It’s funny how if a restaurant just puts all of their focus into just one item they can really succeed. Wurstkuche did exactly that and now every time i crave sausage i know exactly where i’m headed.

800 E 3rd St

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Neighborhood: Downtown

(213) 687-4444


Mon – Sun: 11 am – 12 am

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