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Zip Line Venice Beach

Ace May 10, 2012 0
Zip Line Venice Beach


Pending a June 1 approval by Los Angeles City Councilman, Bill Rosendahl, Venice Beach has proposed building a Zip Line attraction. This would make Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier top competitors and bring a swarm of even more tourists to Los Angeles.

Greenheart/Flighlinez will be collaborating with the City of Los Angeles to organize the zip line. The proposal shows the zip line would run for 750 feet between two towers, right off Windward plaza. The Zip Line launch tower would be about 50 ft. tall and the landing tower would be 24 ft. tall. The launch platforms would feature art work by local artists.

The councilman did announce that he is hoping to move forward with the project to generate more revenue this summer. The ride itself will cost around $20 and will last for under a minute. This is gonna be a big attraction for the local summer camps and groups.

If approved at the May 15th meeting the zip line would be ready for use this summer.



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